About Us

In 1988 Robert Underwood looked at vending as a full time business. Robert had moved to the lower mainland from the Seychelles Islands, (thus the name Tropical Vending). After having worked in Hotels in England,East Africa, Southern Africa, and the Seychelles, for the previous fifteen years, Robert developed skills in the service industry that were finely honed. Prior to this invaluable experience he had obtained his Degree in Hotel, Catering and Institutional Management from the University of Middlesex in England.

Having worked for employers Robert decided  to go out on his own, he started  his own business. Moving to Canada was a task, but to start a vending business, there was no better place. In 1988 The first machines were purchased from a business opportunity vending company called Eagle Profit Systems. After studying just how easy it was to expand in the industry from the information he gathered and by supplying excellent service, Robert kept expanding.

With his extensive education and experience in the hotel and service industry Robert had the perfect venue to exercise his skills. The vending industry is a service industry and Tropical Vending is proud to have served for over two decades and continues to expand through referrals from happy location owners.

Today Tropical Vending has over 100 locations in the lower mainland. Robert is also a member of the institute of Hospitality of the European Union (formerly Hotel Catering and Institutional Management